Is it easier to score in the NBA than in Europe?

Is it easier to score in the NBA than in Europe?


Which is easier to score in the NBA or the European game? Before answering this question it is important to first clarify the difference between NBA basketball and European basketball.

Let's start with the NBA game.

In the concept of NBA basketball or American basketball, the most valued or most mentioned: talent, physicality, and athleticism.

A very simple example: North Carolina men's basketball's all-time leading scorer Tyler Hansbrough, a former All-American in his freshman and sophomore years, college honors comparable to Rose and Curry, positive attitude, excellent decision-making, perfect finishing, passionate, technology, awareness, mind are so outstanding players, the final landing place is actually - - CBA Zhejiang team. -CBA Zhejiang team.

As for the reason, it's simple: talent and physical quality are not up to standard.

Hansbrough's scouting report has a few striking lines: average body and arm strength; lack of sufficient athleticism, explosiveness and crossover agility. Those lines alone are enough for most NBA team managers to write him off in a sea of applicants, no matter what his college accomplishments and accomplishments. This is one of the major reasons why it is so difficult for players like Jaskovicius, Navarro, Fyodor's and now Campazzo, who are regarded as geniuses in Europe, to achieve outstanding results in the NBA.

Talent and physical quality has nothing to do with other options, it is a fundamental indicator of whether a player can be based in the NBA, if you can not enter the NBA or even the opportunity to play, let alone talk about what scoring difficulties or not.

Well, suppose a player already has the overall quality to enter the NBA, then he has the qualification to consider the NBA game scoring.

If we boil down a player's scoring ability to simply a combination of individual ability and team system, then in the NBA, the coefficient on the front multiplier of individual ability must be much greater than the team system.

This is the same as those who are regarded as the top priority talent, individual heroism in the American basketball concept to find that also has a very high position, which is inseparable from their traditional values. The reason why in the NBA game in the improvement and evolution, more and more emphasis on the offensive space rules introduced, the key also lies in the NBA game emphasis on individual ability, talent talent show. nba history, those who eventually reached the peak of the characters, in addition to Bird, Curry, Jokic and Doncic these four in the contemporaneous players are not extremely outstanding physical talent, the rest of the guys, which is not gifted, the steel geek. The steel and iron geeks?


Those who think scoring in the NBA is relatively easy look to the rules and trend-setting that encourage offense. It is true that NBA games have more space for offense and a higher level of protection for the offense itself. But when players are in the middle of a court full of talent and monsters, the difficulty of solving the defense one-on-one has been raised to S-level, not to mention that you have to face the bouncing monsters everywhere to help defend. Think about it, when you have a set of crossover good hard to shake off Mario Chalmers, kill the box only to find just in the three-point line chewing chewing gum Wade in the basket position open arms, while the original should be in the other side of the forked LeBron has flashed line to the back, leering to add some material to tonight's five best ball. At this point, do you meekly throw the ball to your teammates and run out around the arc, or do you take advantage of the few seconds of lag to count the number of grass horses running through your mind?

Body and talent are the hardware fundamentals, while the use of technology is the software, the two are inseparable. A good technique can make up for the lack of body, and a good body allows you to better perform the technique. LeBron and Willis are also physically strong, but their current situation is very different. Obviously not. The best way to defeat magic is magic plus, unless in the NBA can still crush everything with monster-level talent, or be good enough to perfect yourself toward the hexagonal warrior, or at least do not expose any too obvious disadvantages, or the same flexible defensive strategy can target you to want to stay away from the game for a hug.

Simmons, you say right?

So don't think the offensive space is easy to get points, Kardashian's hips are beautiful again, no Tristan's size is good across the screen cool, don't see TT can easily manage to think who on can, get bad just in the Pacific shagging mop.


Next, talk about the European game.

When Americans watched FIBA in '91, they were condescending and felt that so-called European basketball was a bunch of white guys who could shoot, pass, fake, and had pretty good basketball sense but were soft on defense.

Although this description is generalized, it is still relatively clear that American basketball and European basketball are divided into boundaries. On this basis, European basketball also evolved several representative schools of national teams in the development process.

-- Russia, Lithuania inherited the slow offensive and defensive rhythm of the former Soviet Union, the most representative is the tall frontcourt center, Sabonis, Big Z and Mozkov guys in the NBA inside and stirring up the world, Kirilenko such can inside and outside the all-around power forward players are actually very rare, but to say that other peripheral ball-carrying points want to enter the The most typical example is the aforementioned Jaskovicius, who was once the king of Europe.

-- Spain took the path of orthodox basketball, the inside stood tall inside with height, size, can steer, can score, tricks constantly tall inside (size Gasol), the periphery is full of dexterity, cunning, passing vision wonderful, walking chicken thief ball-handlers (Rubio). They have a very clear delineation of basketball positions, relying on nimble interior lines, intricate passing and cutting, and talented creators to play the game. Players in this model of basketball play smart and dexterous, but eat more of the NBA team's system and team pairings.

--France basically represents those national teams built according to the NBA model, and they value the same as American basketball: talent, athleticism, speed and pressure. So such as Parker, Batum, Diaw, Gobert can be mixed in the French national team, based on the NBA is basically no problem.

--The Balkan basketball is the most interesting, their philosophy, basketball is a game of perfection, so their players are both tall, can also perimeter with the ball, passing to, shooting. A typical example is Kukocy, who is 211 cm but still plays point guard. A group of people who can do everything together, the need for rules and regulations is not so important, so they believe in "organized freedom" and never play by the rules, so very smooth, but also very erratic. The players in this model are excellent and comprehensive, but not necessarily suitable for the NBA.

These teams are not consistent in style, but the overall team has its own system, and then choose the players that need to be matched under the system.

Just said, in the NBA game, "scoring" this big item in the individual ability of the front multiplier factor must be much larger than the team system. In the European game, this result will be reversed. In the European game based on the requirements of the NBA is not so straightforward, you can not be so physically outstanding, but as long as you can find your appropriate system that can stay to try. So those players who can't stand in the NBA are the first to consider going to the European game to test the waters, after all, there are many leagues, a variety of styles, the probability of finding the right team to be larger.

Back to scoring.

European basketball does not specifically favor offense, and even now they still retain the habit of at least one big player under the basket, plus let the United States basketball are headaches of the joint defense strategy, want to break through the opponent's defense by themselves is not so easy. In the Olympic Games, Larry Brown led the U.S. team to meet the European team, in addition to talent suppression, half-court offense has been unable to find any decent strategy. Until the old K came to the stage, only to develop a weak side of the station, break the distribution, fixed-point shooting half-court operation system, which can solve the embarrassment of the U.S. team power nowhere to use.

This shows two key words: shooting, system.

In other words, in European games or facing European basketball, the degree of difficulty in scoring is directly proportional to the range and operation system. In the NBA game Buddha stopping the Buddha stopping the Gods Janis facing Serbia was also held back by trips to the horse, while in the NBA scoring is not so conspicuous Paul Gasol, relying on the relative all-around body and Spain's entire team with more than once the European Championships MVP.

So, it is probably like this.

-- the NBA game is more about talent, individuals, a lot of space on the court for offense, but high single player defense and collaborative defense, relying on individual talent and skill to be able to drive the whole team alone.

--The European game is more about strengths and systems, with less extensive resources on the court, but more articulation and the need to gather the whole team system to fight against.

These represent two different basketball philosophies, and to say which model is harder or easier is a bit of a purely black-and-white theory.

But then again, the players who are prominent in the European game and can have a place in the NBA: Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki, Jokic, Doncic. They are all players who have won the European Championships or played in Europe, and can also win championships, MVPs, or emerge in the NBA. These people, physical quality does not have to be more explosive, but the fundamentals are too solid, court awareness is very human, and more importantly, can quickly integrate into the team system, adapt to a variety of game styles.

For this type of player, where to put, scoring or otherwise, should not be too difficult thing.